I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Chioce but I am not Pro-Birth

I think the human life is sacred. I think all humans should be able to live their lives to the fullest. I believe that #BlackLivesMatter. I think that humans should have a living wage so they don’t have to live in poverty and die from malnutrition. I believe that humans should have access to health care so they can live long and happy. I believe that women should have access to PAP smears and breast examinations to detect and prevent cancer early, which is imperative. I believe that babies should grow up in loving environment and in families that will provide them with the essentials to live a long life. I believe that children are the future and that they will do good in the world. I don’t believe in the death penalty because it is inhumane to take a human life, especially with all the injustices that do occur in Americas legal system. I believe that young arab-americans should be able to build clocks and not be mistaken for a terrorist.

That being said I believe that women matter. I believe that we have rights and one of those rights include a right to our own body. I believe in sexual health education. I believe that our children should grow up learning about consent, protection and family planning. These concepts are things that have not been taught well in our society. Teaching abstinence does NOT work. Body shaming is ridiculous. Telling a girl it is her fault she got raped is despicable. I believe telling a 13 year old girl who has been raped by a step father she can’t terminate a pregnancy is stomach turning. I think a child getting abused by a foster parent because their parent neglected them as an infant is not a way to live. I believe in reform. I think a woman thinking about killing herself and her unborn child everyday because she was forced to carry to term is heart breaking. I think that an unplanned pregnancy due to a lack of knowledge of how to protect against pregnancy is a systematic problem nationwide. I think that the cycles of poverty need to end. I think that children in this world deserve to have a chance to succeed. A woman knows her body and knows what is best and if that happens to be not having a child in her life I think she should have the right to make that decision.

I am a supporter of Planned Parenthood because they educate, they test, they save lives, they help bring lives into the world and they empower women.  Many of the people who voted to defund planned parenthood claim to be “Pro-Life” however this is a deception they are simply “Pro-Birth”. They do not care what happens to that child once it enters this world. They do not care if you loose your financial stability paying for hospital bills. They don’t care if the child ends up on the streets. If they see the child on the streets they will not provide services for him/her to get off the streets. They want to take away affordable health care. They want to keep the population uneducated about sexual health. They want to send these children to war rather than advocating for measures of peace. They believe that middle class-rich white lives matter. They want to take away the food stamps that allow these families to make it week after week. They want to accuse impoverished women of having more children just so they can mooch more money off the government. They do nothing to help or fund state agencies that take unwanted children in , that try to give them a better life.

Until our communities have politicians and institutions that promote the lives within the community I will be pro-choice and I will advocate for our society to be more pro-living. To help those who are living in the community but really desperately struggling. To support the children lost in the system. To find jobs and homes for people living on the streets due to being bankrupt by their medical expenses. To the veterans who have lost jobs due to injuries, mental illnesses and the bad job market. To give out information about how to prevent STD’s and pregnancies. To protect the minorities often targeted by the majority. I will advocate for the woman who are living and have the intelligence to choose the right path for herself.


One thought on “I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Chioce but I am not Pro-Birth

  1. It is crazy that those who staunchly advocate to make abortion illegal are doing so from a place of judgement. There’re life of privilege would never lead them to needing an abortion therefore no one else should ever need one.


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